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HOJE Telecom is a Brazilian carrier whose goal is to provide your company with the best telecommunications services, with excellent quality and significant cost reduction for inbound traffic to Brazil, with CLI for mobile phones.

Since 2007, HOJE Telecom has operated in Brazil and is authorized by Anatel (the Brazilian Telecommunications Regulation Agency) to render its services. Our licenses ensure quality and stability in the market to guarantee the validity of the termination of traffic.

Working with its own Data Center, HOJE Telecom uses the Veraz/Dialogic NGN platform, capable of offering the highest service quality, where voice, data and images converge on the same platform, optimizing resources and guaranteeing the supply of products for various enterprise customers.


How It Works:

  • We provide mobile termination with Calling Line Identification Mobile CLI for the major Brazilian cities, with excellent quality.
  • An excellent option for cost-effective termination during non-business hours.

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Contact our sales department via phone +55 11 3090 4600, email wholesale@hojetelecom.com.br or please fill in the fields below, our team will contact you in 3 working days.

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Belo Horizonte, Uberlândia
Rio de Janeiro
São Paulo, Campinas, Sorocaba, Santos, São José dos Campos, São José do Rio Preto, Ribeirão Preto, Bauru
Florianópolis, Joinville
Porto Alegre
  • São Paulo
    Tel: +55 (11) 3090 4653 - Avenida Cidade Jardim, 377
    2° andar - Itaim Bibi- São Paulo/SP - CEP 01453- 900
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